12th Agro Bangladesh Expo 2024

  • Featuring
  • Plant Genetics
  • Horticulture
  • Farm Mechanization
  • Irrigation
  • Soil & Water Conservation

  • Fertilizers & Chemicals
  • Water Resources & Chemicals
  • Pests & Pathogens
  • Storage & Refregeration
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November, 2024

International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We Introduce The Latest Innovation to your Manufacturer Need

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Rules & Regulations

All exhibitors and their principles are obligated to agree and accept all Rules & Regulations of the Exhibition.

Highlights of Rules & Regulations

  • All promotions outside the contracted stand area are prohibited.
  • The use of sound amplifier and excessively loud activities are prohibited.
  • Over the Counter cash sales are prohibited.
  • Only official freight forwarders are allowed for onsite handling.
  • Customs clearing are to be done solely by official freight forwarders.
  • Onsite storage for boxes, crates, and valuables are to be arranged by exhibitor.
  • Consumer courier services are not recommended.
  • Standard Package’s power sockets are not to be used for lighting.
  • Standard Package modification must be carried out by official contractor only, charges may apply.
  • Damage occurred to pavement, carpet and walls incur charges exhibitor and/or contractor.
  • Damage occurred to Standard Package equipment incur charges to exhibitor.
  • Overtime constructions incur charges.
  • All stand designs must be approved by Organiser.
  • All outside contractors are subjected to contractor’s management fee & damage deposits.
  • Photography is prohibited.
  • Truss, banners, and balloons incur airspace usage charges.

Promotions & Sales During Exhibitions

  • Exhibitors may not place exhibits, equipment, and promoting materials beyond the boundary of their stand.
  • The use of sound amplifier and excessively loud activities are prohibited.
  • Exhibitors’ representatives may not distribute material such as brochures and invitations beyond the boundary of their stand i.e. along the aisles or near the entrances/exits.
  • Exhibitors may not to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in the hall other than within their own stand.
  • Over the Counter cash sales are prohibited.
  • Exhibitors may not place any display material or exhibit, nor extend their stand structures and fittings, beyond their contracted boundary.

Demonstrations & Working Exhibits

  • Moving machinery must be fitted with safety devices when the machines are in operation. These safety devices may be removed only when the machines are disconnected from the power source.
  • No motors, engines contrivances or power-driven machinery may be used without adequate protection against risk of fire and safety.
  • Working machines must be placed at a relatively safe distance from visitors. Use of safety guards is strongly recommended.
  • Working machinery must always remain in the confines of its designated area and operated by qualified personnel only. The machine cannot be left operating on its own without supervision.
  • All pressure vessels or equipment under pressure must conform to the safety standards & regulations. Approval of their use is required.

Licensing & Permits

  • Exhibitor must obtain and keep in force all necessary permits and licenses, e.g. copyrights, royalties and trademarks for exhibits, goods, and services.
  • Promotional activities may necessitate license and approval from the relevant regulatory authorities.


  • Smoking is prohibited. Exhibitors, their related agents and associates, and contractors are prohibited to smoke in all indoor areas outside designated smoking areas.


  • There is no storage space in the exhibition hall. Direct arrangements should be made with your appointed stand contractor and/or freight forwarder. Otherwise, exhibitors must arrange for their empty and non-usable cartons and cases to be transported back to the exhibitor’s own premises before the first day of the show.

Insurance, Liabilities & Risks

  • Exhibitors are strongly advised to insure their exhibits and other valuable items placed at the Exhibition Venue.
  • The venue management, Organizers and Sponsors will not be liable to any damage/injury/fire/floor/ claims/ loss/ theft of exhibits & personal properties, Public Liability (third party) insurance and accidents liability, it's the responsibility of exhibitors to cover all with their own insurance.
  • All Exhibitors shall insure, indemnify and hold the Organizers, Sponsors and the Venue owner harmless in respect of all costs claimed by the Exhibitor against any persons or items at the Exhibition Venue during the move-in, exhibition, and move-out periods.
  • Booths and other facilities rented from the Official Contractor by the Exhibitors should be returned in good condition. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damages incurred during the period of use.