12th Agro Bangladesh Expo 2024

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November, 2024

International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Farm Mechanization

Farm mechanization program has been accelerated in Bangladesh in the recent years. The use of mechanical farm power has increased rapidly, over the last two decades. A surge of mechanization has been made in weeding, fertilizing, spraying, harvesting, threshing, drying, and transporting activities. The government has given 3,000 combine harvesters, 2,000 reapers and 300 transplants to farmers along with a scheme of Tk 4,000 crore to be invested for the development of the farms. Moreover, a subsidized rate has been ensured for the farm equipment renters during the Boro season.

At present, powered machinery and mechanized agriculture (the use of tractors, trucks, combine harvesters, countless types of farm implements) have turned the low productivity into large scale production with an improved quality of farm produce in the country. Farm Mechanization had been started first with mechanized water pumping for irrigation and, presently, 55 percent of the cultivable area is under irrigation, mainly by pumped groundwater. At present about 80 percent of the land preparation is made by power tillers and tractors.

To accelerate farm mechanization in the country, the government has decided to go for a big-time farm mechanization program through providing more subsidies on mechanization for the farm sector. Under the National Farm Mechanization Policy 2019, farmers are entitled to get 50 to 70 percent subsidy to buy agricultural machinery (In the haor and coastal regions 70 percent, while those in other parts of the country would be entitled to 50 percent.

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